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A Great Find in Delavan, Wisconsin

My husband and I found ourselves in Delavan, Wisconsin yesterday at lunch time.  We thought that Rushing Waters Trout House looked like a promising place to eat.  Recently opened, it is spacious and clean, with very high ceilings.  The menu didn’t provide a number of gluten free options, so I ordered the Rainbow Trout Shore Lunch – pan fried – for $14.00.  It  was nicely prepared and presented, and came with cooked-just-right vegetables, thin French fries and cole slaw.  The slaw had a slightly tangy taste which I liked very much.  My husband had the same lunch, except he order his with a side of potato pancakes instead of French fries.  We were both quite pleased with our lunch.

I regret that I didn’t take photos of the restaurant or my meal.

If you live in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago, Delavan is only about 25 minutes from Harvard, or about 45 minutes from Woodstock.  Maybe you have friends in Milwaukee you’d like to meet for dinner, or you’d like a place to stop on your way north.  If Rushing Waters Trout House continues to meet its early promise, it would be very much worth a try.


Meals to Savor

My freezer has a fair supply of frozen gluten free meals.  While they provide a meal that is convenient and safe for me to eat, few of them are anticipated with relish.  A number of them are not very filling either.  (Some have a calorie count under 300.)

This makes me all the more appreciative of the good meals provided by restaurants that cater to the gluten free population.  Over the week-end, I had a wonderful pasta di mare from Biaggi’s.  the spinach pasta dish included shrimp, scallops, mussels, calamari and clams.  The sauce is comfortably spicy.   It was wonderful!

Thank you to Biaggi’s for providing a great eating experience for the gluten free population.

Catching Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  My husband had a series of health issues recently, and is now recovered.  I’m happy to be back online, and have some new finds to report.

First off, I’ll be adding Kinnikinnick Foods Inc. to my product list.  I only recently discovered their bread.

IMG_0930 I bought a loaf of their white bread for sandwiches, and it is the closest thing to conventional white bread I’ve found.  Texture and size are really an improvement over other loaves.  I checked online, and they have a number of gluten free products that I plan on trying, including several other breads.  I hope my local stores carry their hamburger and hot dog buns.

Kinnikinnick is a Canadian company, out of Edmonton.  Even so, the Kinnikinnick site shows a number of groceries in the Northwestern suburbs that carry their products.  A number of Jewel-Osco stores are listed



There will also be another addition to the list of restaurants that offer a selection of gluten free dishes.

Chessie’s is in the Ice House, and the restaurant provides seating in a train car.  Check out their website, and see a photo of the restaurant, along with a view of their menu.  The gluten free options are a section at the end of the menu.