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A restaurant does the right thing

A few days ago, I made a repeat visit to a restaurant that I had already reviewed.  I ordered a sandwich that is available either gluten free or non-gluten free.  Of course, I ordered the gluten free version.

As I was eating the sandwich, I suspected that I had been given the non-gluten free version due to feelings of discomfort.   I went to the order station and asked if they would check my order.  They were very responsive, and told me that I had not been given the gluten-free sandwich.  The manager was called for.  After the situation was explained to her, she immediately refunded the money I had paid for my lunch, and proceeded to give me a gift card.  While I was talking with the manager, the employee who had taken my order came over, and apologized.  She said she had taken my order and was very sorry for the error.  I  was impressed with their honesty, and willingness to admit their mistake.

I inquired about the bun – and asked if it was a wheat bun.  The good news was that – while the sandwich was not gluten free, it was on an oatmeal bun.  The fact that I had not had a wheat bun, coupled with the fact that I carry medication that helps control symptoms if I run into trouble, meant that my discomfort was thankfully fairly limited.

The response of the staff at the restaurant really de-fused what could have been a combative situation.  While I was upset that the restaurant had made the error, I felt they did what they could to make things right.   They didn’t try to blame me or cover up their error.  What a good policy for a business to have!

Evanston Find

It may seem unnecessary to go to a dentist in Skokie, or a hairdresser in Evanston, since there are so many options closer to home.  Besides my confidence in my dentist and my hairdresser, I like to have an excuse to go to Evanston, and try to co-ordinate my appointments in the area, leaving time for lunch, and a visit to one of my favorite antique shops, Secret Treasures.

Often, my choice of restaurant is determined by where I can find a place to park.  This last week, I was steps away from Lyfe Kitchen, and made that my stop for lunch.  Approaching the entrance, I crossed the plaza of the building, which had quite a bit of outdoor seating for the restaurant.  Once inside, I found the restaurant airy, urban, and inviting.
The ceiling calls for special mention.  It is veryIMG_0614 sculptural and the recessed lighting is attractive.  The patron has three choices of water – chilled, carbonated, and one other.  The flatware is substantial and well designed.  Other unusual features were the herb “condominium” IMG_0617– a three-tiered structure under grow lights with labels on the

Now on to the food.   There is a stand with menus adjacent to the entrance.  The patron can choose from an “E” menu, (for people who can eat everything)
a “V” menu (vegetarian), a “GF” menu (gluten free) and a
“W and B” menu (for wine and beer).

At the counter, I ordered a gluten free sandwich with grilled chicken and avocado.IMG_0613  I was given a GPS device to take to my table to guide the server when she came with my order.  My sandwich was well-prepared – flavorful, and the chicken was not overcooked or rubbery.  It was just a bit crispy, but tender.  Perfect.  The plate had a garnish of greens with carrot shaving.  But that was all. I felt the plate should have had something more – maybe fries, chips, or a serving of salad.  I left somewhat hungry.

Once home, I checked the reviews for Lyfe Kitchen, and found several other reviewers with the same complaint – not enough to eat. One reviewer said the meal seemed more like an appetizer.  I contacted the restaurant through their website, saying that they seemed to have so many things right, but felt that they need to provide the patron with a more generous serving of food.  I was pleased to get a very prompt response, not just to my initial email, but also to the follow-up message I sent.

The Evanston location is quite new.  It has many things going for it, and seems to be a good fit with the Evanston market.  It will be interesting to follow up and see if they provide a more generous meal.